Car Talk with two second graders

My husband clicked the door lock on the “loaner Prius” to get something he left inside. We had used the car for a weekend away— four hours from our house in upstate New York. One of Lenny’s friends saw the car:

Friend: You guys got a car?

Lenny: No, it’s a car we borrow sometimes.

Friend: So, are you going to drive to soccer practice now?

Lenny:  No.

Friend: Why not?

Lenny: Because we want to get strong.

Walking a few yards in front of them, I turn around when Lenny says this. I am so proud and happy. He gives me a shy smile.



Author: zerocarmom

I am a 50-year-old mom with two kids (ages 7 and 24), a husband who works in our attic, a sneezy old cat, and a full-time job as the co-founder of a Brooklyn-based business. My family lives a mostly idyllic life in a small village in the Hudson Valley, sixty miles north of New York City.

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