Interview with a 6-year-old.

It’s been four months since we sold the car.  I wondered how my son was feeling about it. Here is our short interview:
MOM: Why did we sell our car?
KID: We didn’t need it.
MOM: Do you miss our car?
KID: No.
MOM: What is the best thing about not having a car?
KID: Getting exercise
MOM: What is the worst thing about not having a car?
KID: Can’t go far places.
MOM: Do people think it’s weird that we don’t have a car?
KID: Some do.
MOM: Do you like hiking to the Rec Center for camp?
KID: No.
MOM: Why not?
KID: I just don’t like hiking.
MOM: But you do it anyway, why?
KID: (some whining and moaning; inaudible but something along the lines of “make these questions stop.”)
MOM: What is it like to ride on the trail-a-bike?
KID: It’s fun.
MOM: Who is better driver of the trail a bike?
KID: Dad.
MOM: Why is he better?
KID: Because he rides bikes more than you do.

Author: zerocarmom

I am a 50-year-old mom with two kids (ages 7 and 24), a husband who works in our attic, a sneezy old cat, and a full-time job as the co-founder of a Brooklyn-based business. My family lives a mostly idyllic life in a small village in the Hudson Valley, sixty miles north of New York City.

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