Dude. This is Our Life Now.

A local dad is trying to recruit my 6-year-old to play in a local traveling soccer league.  This type of commitment is difficult, but as the dad gives me the details, including likely locations of games and practices, I am pleased to realize that we can probably manage it without an excessive amount of carpooling requests. Weekly practice is likely to be held one town over at the recreation center, where our son currently attends after-school one day a week. I brush off the dad’s concerns about us getting to that location which is six miles away by suggesting that we will take the train to Garrison and hike the back trail to the facility. He balks, ‘you’re not going to walk there?” I push back with an unexpected, “dude,” yeah, I said dude, “I know it’s hard for some people to wrap their heads around our lifestyle choice, but we will pretty much be walking and biking everywhere.” 

I apologize for calling him dude. He says, “at least you didn’t call me ‘asshole’.”


Author: zerocarmom

I am a 50-year-old mom with two kids (ages 7 and 24), a husband who works in our attic, a sneezy old cat, and a full-time job as the co-founder of a Brooklyn-based business. My family lives a mostly idyllic life in a small village in the Hudson Valley, sixty miles north of New York City.

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