The Car is Gone. The Rain is Here.

In these first few weeks, the fates are testing our zero car status. 

rainy day
The car is gone. A nice couple handed us a stack of hundreds and drove away in the car; the cleanest it’s ever been in the year that we’ve owned it. It’s been raining every day, which is good for the garden, but less so for long walking commutes. My husband got called to jury duty in a town 40 miles south of our home;  a location with no train access.  Looks like he’ll be biking to a bus stop about three miles from our house. Despite these tests from the universe, we remain badass. No borrowing of cars. No taxis. Not yet anyway.


Selling the car is a big deal. This only makes me wonder what else we can change.

Selling the car had an immediate impact on how I would plan my days. Built-in and well rehearsed travel times between home, store, work, after school programs, and the train are now all but obliterated. Working for an hour or two at my Beacon office is no longer a quick ten minutes there and back. Train schedules have to be considered, as well as walking time and deciding when to bring a bicycle. Getting to and from anywhere requires strategic planning and a mindset that the journey will not be quick. Our travel plans are dependent on train schedules and the weather.


The interesting mental result, on day two, has been a keen realization that we can make dramatic decisions and execute them. Get rid of the car. Done. Now we adapt. We adjust.

It was a conscious decision made with clear intention; not in desperation or under duress  We plan to embrace it. I am also finally ending a decade of working on Saturdays. There are similarities. I was sure ending my Saturday schedule would be impossible and that my clients would be unhappy about it. The impact has been minor. Three more Saturdays and I will be free to walk around for hours in my car free life.